Message from John Murphy, President and CEO
The primary goal of My-Guard Security Corp. is to provide our customers with the very best security service available to them. As President, I maintain a “hands on” approach to the everyday operations of the company. Having an extensive security background dating back to 1974, I have found that all security companies draw from similar labor pools. What sets My-Guard Security Corp. apart from the other security companies is our strong management team, constant supervision and ongoing security guard training programs.


All of our security personnel project a professional image and are properly uniformed in our Executive Style or Police Style uniforms. We demand that they maintain a neat and polished appearance at all times.

We screen and hire responsible applicants with security experience, a strong family background, and ability to generate quality incident reports. We strive to hire for long-term employment to ensure an educated security team.


With more than 35 years of experience, we have developed a thorough training program that is adaptable to any client changes. Regular meeting/training sessions and "schooling" on the specific tasks and responsibilities at each assigned location insures that everyone is cognizant of the common goals of security as they pertain to the individual client.

Security supervisors make random, unscheduled visits to the facility to ensure that our guards are thoroughly familiar with the site and their specific duties, are performing properly, and are behaving in a professional manner.

Operations managers meet with our clients regularly to review the overall security performance and, if necessary, make immediate and effective changes to the existing security policies and procedures. Our “hands on” approach ensures that all our personnel adhere to the high standards our clients have come to expect from My-Guard Security.

We work closely with our clients to develop a security program tailored to their specific needs and facilities addressing all security and safety concerns. We believe that strong management-client communication assures keeping pace with the latest concepts and trends.